6 Best Shower System 2021 – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

The sweat that accumulates during the day is usually washed off. But the shower system turns the shower into a massage. It is easy to go to the spa for this kind of experience. Some devices can control water temperature, while others include LED lights, which are aesthetically pleasing. It consists of three parts.

Spray outlets: These include showerheads, hand-held showerheads, and body sprays, and the shower valves that pour water over the body.

Mixing valves: The hot and cold pipe dissolves in water and sends water to the outlet. Water temperature and intensity of water flow are also controlled.

Control valves: This valve delivers water to another spray shop.

It is also available in a nickel or chrome finish to look beautiful and look useful. We have teamed up with this buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision when choosing a shower system.

Types of Shower Systems

There is a big difference in the details of different shower systems. The number of spray shots and the type of control may vary. However, they can be classified below.

Normal mixer showers:

This is a low-tech version that uses the standard dissolving method in hot water. That’s why water loss occurs when water flows down the toilet, cleans the toilet, or runs a washing machine.

Electric showers:

Take water, transfer the heating element, and raise it to the desired temperature. This is different from a boiler that stores hot water in a reservoir.

Digital showers:

You can program the correct shower temperature. On some models, it can also be programmed via remote control or Wi-Fi!

Airdrop showers:

Adds air to the water to increase water pressure and actually saves water!

Top 6 Shower System Comparison

Blue Ocean Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel Tower
ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System
Blue Ocean Stainless Steel SPS8727 Thermostatic Shower Panel
Blue Ocean Stainless Steel SPV878392H Shower Panel
AKDY 787392B Rain Style Massage System Shower Panel
Rovogo Shower Panel Tower with Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head

1.  Blue Ocean Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel Tower

Blue Ocean 52 Inch Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel

This aluminum shower panel tower is one of the best shower panel systems that you can find in the market. Through ISO 9001 certification, you can verify that it has been processed according to strict quality control and product inspection procedures. Due to the construction of high-quality aluminum alloys, it will not be aged, finished, marked, and rusted.

This shower panel is a top shower, a hand shower with flexible hoses, half massage nozzles, and a spatula to fill your bathroom. Unfortunately, you have to use these functions separately. This way, you will not reduce stress.

The shower panel has two built-in controllers. You can easily get the shower function and temperature in the shower panel. Enjoy a luxury and spa-like shower experience. Thanks to its easy operation, this shower head is suitable for use by all family members.


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy (132 x 26 x 9cm): size: 52″H x 10″W x 3.5″D.
  • 8 Flexible Water Massage Nozzles.
  • Show the temperature to help you pick the right water temperature.
  •  Showerhead and Portable Shower Head Rainfall.
  • Both tasks act to maintain sufficient water pressure separately.
  • The luxury shower panel has only hit North America.

  • It complies with ISO-9001 and can only be obtained from goods subject to stringent quality management and product examination.
  • Two controls have been introduced.
  • Not at all.

User Reviews

There is a stable and easy shower option to make your shower more flexible. You can also use a shower enclosure to clean the bathroom or shower fire area.

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

In-shower panels require a pressure of at least 28 PS to ensure proper flow of the shower. To protect the shower panel from damage, it is important to ensure that the water pressure does not exceed 72 pcs. This shower panel comes with all the necessary contacts for good installation. You also get a one-year warranty, which protects the factory shower panel system from malfunctioning within the first year of purchase.

2. ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System

ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System

ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System offers the LLOLE brand’s fun and stylish shower panel tower system that breaks all stereotypes for traditional bathrooms. This device will reopen your shower with a set of LED lights and a glowing panel.

The advantage of this product is the material that uses the outer shell of the system. Stainless steel ensures that your shower will not rust and become stylish and stylish after purchase. The tube is very long, flexible, and made of a single material. It has two functions with a hand shower and a showerhead. However, the bottom of the device is plastic. Unfortunately, this material is not the most durable material on the market. You cannot tolerate abuse in the long run.

Easy access to system settings. There are 6 ways by which you can choose the different needs of people. In this way, you can enjoy the power of water massage and the light touch of rain. The changing pressure of electricity is what makes this shower so attractive.


  • SUS304 Stainless Steel Panel Material.
  • Finish: Polished Nickel Dushing Device Fingerprint-free.
  • Side shower: Plastics ABS, PVD Plating Innovation Grade.
  • Shower pants: 59″ chrome side shower pants.
  • Method for setup: Wall-mounted.
  • This wonderfully made shower’s modern style.

  • Regulation of Temperature.
  • Simple to install.
  • Require batteries.

User Reviews

Find out the light with shower Delhi facilities. This gives the shower a modern product. However, the light is flat on the battery and does not work based on water sensors. The decimal point is displayed in the sensor that is guiding you.

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The installation of this tool is straightforward. All hands are long for sleep. If something is not satisfied with your product, you can take advantage of our 2-year limited warranty terms.

3. Blue Ocean Stainless Steel SPS8727 Thermostatic Shower Panel

Blue Ocean Stainless Steel SPS8727 Thermostatic Shower Panel

Blue Ocean Stainless Steel SPS 8727 Thermostatic Shower Panel With Blue Steel 66.5 “Rain Shower Head, Body Nozzle & Hand Shower Head. This Blue Sea Shower Panel System brings incredible luxury items to your bathroom. – High-Quality Stainless Steel Panels. Steel – Beautiful Proposals Beautiful pictures combined with modern bathroom decor.

This shower panel has a painstaking shower head, waterfall shower head, shower head, and a set of horizontal body joints. If necessary, you can use all of these showerheads at once, or you can choose a shower for your own use.

The integrated thermostatic valve ensures that you can enjoy continuous water. The panel itself is lightweight and durable. It is a unique design that can be easily installed on a wall mount.

The easy to install shower panel uses the existing standard 1/2 inch plumbing connection. You will have hot and cold water pipes in the shower. The pipe behind the shower panel is further strengthened.


  • Integrated with the control of the thermostat valve.
  • Lightweight and lasting.
  • Unique flat wall installation design.
  • Standard 1/2″ connection to plumbing.
  • Installation includes direct access to hot and cold water pipes.
  • Reinforced secondary pipes.
  • It’s one of the better restrooms.

  • Outstanding consistency.
  • Money value.
  • Water pressure is awful.

User Reviews

This panel requires a minimum pressure to operate efficiently at 28 psi. The maximum pressure is 72 PS.

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

You will get all the instructions for installing the shower panel. You can also take advantage of the one-year warranty that comes with the shower panel. Protect your purchase from manufacturer defects.

4. Blue Ocean Stainless Steel SPV878392H Shower Panel

Blue Ocean 52 Inch Stainless Steel SPV878392H Shower Panel

The Blue Ocean 52 “Stainless Steel SPV 878392H includes a showerhead, 8 adjustable nozzles, and a spot panel oval if you’re looking for a luxurious shower panel system that now complements your bathroom design and decor.

Thanks to the high-quality stainless steel construction of the durable shower panel, it can withstand hard water and the minerals involved. Therefore, you do not need to spend much time cleaning. Mineral storage cannot be built on shower panels, so this new app looks tall.

This shower panel system’s stainless steel frame with a blue glass surface gives it a modern and stylish look. It is specifically designed for the temperature indicator and half-jet nozzle in the shower panel.

Rain Shower Heads, Signature Shower Heads at the top, and places allow you to select and customize your shower experience fully. Only a shower function can be used so that the shower panels do not increase the water pressure.

There are two controls for running the function at water temperature. This not only simplifies the use of shower panels but also increases absolute comfort.


  • The panel frame is constructed from high-quality stainless steel.
  • 5mm blue glass surface tempered color.
  • Lightweight and enduring.
  • Special flat wall installation style.
  • Comes with chromium-plated brass pants.
  • Ordinary 1/2″ link to plumbing.

  • Great consistency and look.

  • Cheap handheld head for the shower.
  • Quick to update.
  • Beautiful but Difficult.

User Reviews

This shower panel includes 8 different body features. This will allow you to enjoy the massage and relax.

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The shower panel system is easy to install. It comes with a one-year warranty and is one of the best appliances purchased at home. It is durable and lasts for many years.

5. AKDY 787392B Rain Style Massage System Shower Panel

AKDY 52 Inch 8-Jet Multi-function Tempered Glass Shower Panel System

AKDY 787392B 52 “Shower Panel Aluminum Temperature Glass Tempered Massage System If you are looking for the best shower system for your bathroom, we offer this beautiful vintage shower massage system from ECDY in modern bathroom design. The latest technology and Thanks to styling methods, if you use it, will take you a long time to start your fashion.

These shower panels include rain showers, handmade showers, shower spray jets, and bathtub fillers. You can find everything needed to install these panels. The installation instructions are easy to follow, and you can install this panel.

The integrated LED display allows you to know the temperature using a shower panel, and the easy-to-use dial makes it easy to control temperature and functions.


  • 4-Spray Handheld showerhead function, customizable body spray jet, according to your and your family’s requirements.
  • Both shower functions operate separately to ensure the optimal water pressure efficiency is obtained.
  • The flow rate of 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute).
  • This product has a flow restrictor mounted.
  • We cannot export this commodity to California, Colorado, and New York because of state-wide limits on water flow speeds.
  • Multiple features sound like a hotel shower.

  • Perfect, powerful, strong, and lovely panel.
  • Comfortable panel with shower head.
  • Low water pressure.

User Reviews

These shower panels should have a minimum pressure of 29 PS and a maximum pressure of 72 PS. If the water pressure is too low, it cannot be used. Excessive water pressure damages the shower panel and may use too much water.

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This modern and attractive shower panel system comes with a one-year limited parts guarantee. This warranty reduces labor costs, but every product has drawbacks.

6. Rovogo Shower Panel Tower with Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head

Rovogo Shower Panel Tower with Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head

Rovogo Shower Panel Tower with Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head Beautifully crafted in beautiful black and metallic colors, Rogo Shower Tower offers 4 separate shower facials for rain, waterfall, body massage spray, handmade showers General Chat Lounge. Body springs can be adjusted in all directions and pulse strength for massage. It is basically a shower party.

The panel is 8 inches wide, and the surface is stainless steel, and black brushed with no fingerprints. The hexagon matches the matte chrome finish perfectly.


  • Single-hand checks.
  • Shower Rainfall.
  • Nozzles of silicone.
  • Spray Plane.
  • Fixture with handle.
  •  Independent features.
  •  Built to a finish.
  • Nice price shower panel.

  • Many features.
  • Price in luxury.
  • No instructions for installation.

User Reviews

The ceramic cartridge adjusts with water, and adjusting the water valve can reduce or increase pressure flow.

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The unit runs through a series of supply lines and is connected to the hot water supply.

Features to Look for in a Shower System

Installing the best shower system in your bathroom can greatly enhance your shower experience. Some rooms have a stylish metallic finish that adorns the bathroom beautifully.

You can also control the water temperature on other devices. Here you should see the characteristics of the best shower system.

Mixing Valves

The water is mixed with pipes and hot water before reaching the store. Shower system connector valves allow you to control the water temperature and intensity of the shower water flow.

Control Valves

They send water to another spray shop, which is very convenient. Since most shower systems are two-person, water can be used to direct control valve showerheads or portable showerheads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shower panels are cheap and easy to install but do not provide the same shower system experience. Or it is expensive to install and attack the shower system, but you cannot beat the spa level shower. But it is up to you to decide what works for you.

Below are the advantages of spending on a showerhead. Reduce the amount of water. Taking a good quality showerhead can reduce the average gallon of water used. Sure, it can cost a lot of money, but it will save you money in the future.

Shower walls definitely benefit from tiles because they have fewer components. Usually, you see 3 panels, not 3 tiles. This means that apart from simple devices, there is less risk of long term damage. But the shower wall will not suit everyone's taste.

No shower wall panels can be easily installed at the cost of DIY. Cut the shower wall panel to fit it and fix it on the wall or existing tile.


This guide will help you find out if you need to buy a shower system that suits your needs and renovates your bathroom. Finally, once you have found your ideal shower system, shop for the best sale.

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